You Asked for New Azure Courses. Done.

Today, we’re excited to announce Linux Academy’s first completely revamped Azure course: AZ-100 Infrastructure and Deployment.

When Microsoft announced all-new Azure certification exams last September, we added four new training architects focused on preparing content for you.

When Microsoft incorporated live environments into those exams, we added instant, live Hands-On Labs to help you get ready for them.


The Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment - Exam AZ-100 with Chad Crowell is now available to take! This course is jam-packed with interactive diagrams, flashcards, a practice exam, and true hands-on Azure Lab environments to cover 100% of the exam objectives. 

Enroll in the course now!

PS. AZ-300 Architect Technologies and AZ-203 Developing Solutions coming hot on its heels.

The Live Show Returns Tuesday!
We're launching new and updated hands-on training content to take your cloud skills to the next level (including more Azure content). 
Join Founder/CEO of Linux Academy, Anthony James, and Jupiter Broadcasting's Chris Fisher, on Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019 at 10:30AM CST to see the latest updates at Linux Academy.

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    Terrence C

    Way to go Chad and Gary!

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    Ermin K

    Well done!

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