A short story of a bumpy start and a happy ending

I got a task to implement Prometheus and Grafana on Google kubernetes I have been searching the internet for hours, read countless articles and watched many videos on grafana in English, German, Spanish and even in Russian but to no use. 
Tired and hopeless, Knew that Prometheus, grafana won't be up and running in 2 days. 

I stumble upon Prometheus and grafana learning activity while scrolling through a ton of contents and courses on Linuxacademy.com.

Little did I know that Linux Academy will have something which will put an end to my 2 days search. I feel happy and accomplished.

Thank you Linux Academy.

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    Bob S

    That's awesome Noor, so happy we could help !!!

  • post-author-pic
    Michael M

    Excellent, thank you for sharing!

  • post-author-pic
    Will B

    Glad to hear it, Noor! Good luck with the implementation!

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    Ermin K

    Hey, way to go! That is awesome!

  • post-author-pic
    Matthew P

    That's so great! Glad you were able to find that!

  • post-author-pic
    Phil Z

    That's awesome Noor, I'm glad we were able to help!

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