In the Nano section of the course, ran into the following issues with the commands:

ctrl u does not work

ctrl w closed the browser tab!

ctrl t opened a new browser tab

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    Keith T

    Hi Patricia,

    What operating system and browser are you using on your computer? If possible, I would recommend using a terminal application outside of the browser to avoid issues like this, but I'm sure we can work our way around it.

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    Ermin K

    Browsers  have their own shortcuts and they will respond to them in firefox is you press CTRL-w this will indeed close  a tab you need to swithch to a terminal application as Keith stated, if you are doing this from windows putty is  not a bad option. Otherwise if you are on a Mac or Linux you can just type into the system terminal "ssh your_user@server_IP" and  you  should be able to connect on port 22. You can also add "-p your_port" to the end of the command to connect to a diffrent port other then 22.
    Hope this helps.

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    Patricia H

    Keith/Ermin, Thanks! I am using the Linux Academy lab server. The only way I know how to connect to it is to click on Cloud Servers the website from the brower (I am using Chrome). Where can I find the instruction to use Windows Putty to connect to your Cloud Server?

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    Anthony J

    Yeah, this is true. Browser based terminals mess up some of the regular commands you could use on a linux terminal.

    If you are on windows, just download this tool It's called putty.

    All you need from there is enter the IP address (ipv4) of the cloud server where it asks for it and then the default username and password provided on the cloud servers.

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