Certified Kubernetes Administrator units

Currently working through the Python 3 for System Admin course.  The Certified Kubernetes recommends 3 units for three systems, using a full 9 units?  Is that a guide line or a hard stop. I don't want to necessarily kill the Python setup I have atm.  
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    Michael M


    The current version of Kubernetes when installed using kubeadm performs a resource check prior to installing. If the host on which Kubernetes is being installed does not have 2 CPUs the check fails and Kubernetes will not install. This is the reason for the 3 unit servers. If you attempt to install on smaller servers the install will fail. 

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    Robert R

    Thanks, for now I'll just push through the Python 3 stuff and then scrap that server and work on Kubernetes. 

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    Victor C

    FYI, the 2 CPU restriction happens only on controllers. For workers, kubeadm allows nodes with just 1 CPU.  

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