Individual display of course videos - feedback

3 features I would love to see:
*I believe LA had these first 2 features at some point in the past year or two:
1. A way to mark a video as completed from the course overview  without having to click and go into a video itself.
2. It saves progress in each video. Say, if I'm about to be done with a video yet has to step away for a minute, it'd be nice to automatically save that progress so we don't have to start from the beginning.

*If it's not too cumbersome, I'd love to see one new feature:
3. Say, I'm in video 3 of a section that has 10 videos altogether. I'd be nice if within the video there is a view of that section's videos with video 3 in bold/highlighted. This gives a quick way to know where I am in relation with the whole section progress. IMO, this also helps with connecting the dots because you can quickly glance at the bigger picture by glancing at the topics of the section while watching any given video.

Thanks! Love LA as always
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    John M

    Thanks Janet. I copied this off and forwarded it to our development team. Best regards - John

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    Sean G

    For future reference, you can post and vote on features you'd like to see here!

    Also we have not had any of those three features before, but they all sound like good ideas to me!

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    Richard L

    Thank you for the feedback Janet!

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    Ermin K

    Thank you Janet we are taking your suggestions into consideration, your opinion matters a great deal us.

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