Building DevOps Learning Paths

Greetings! I've been tasked with setting up some Learning Paths for some DevOps 

I see there are already some learning paths for Docker and Kubernetes but I was hoping to build some out for our team for Chef, Docker, and Git since there appear to be a couple courses for them.


Beginner’s Guide to Containers and Orchestration (1h 19m)

Docker Deep Dive (7hr, 32m)Chef: 

Basic Chef Fluency Badge (13h, 45m)

Chef Local Cookbook Development Badge (12h, 4m)

Extending Chef Badge (16h, 2m)


Source Control with Git (5h, 32m)

My issue here is that, not being completely familiar with any of them yet, I'm not sure how to order each course in the learning paths. Also, with all of the Quick Training options it can be a bit overwhelming figuring out what ones to utilize in a Learning Path for each subject. Has anyone here started any paths for these subjects or maybe have recommendations on how I should lay these 3 paths out?


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    John M

    Brian, I would be happy to discuss this with you and get you aquainted with our course titles and terminology. I have been certified in Agile sine 2012, and DevOps for the past four years. I am also the Training Architect that published DevSecOps Essentials. I will look up your e-mail in our system and send you my contact information. Meanwhile if you want to connect with me directly, my e-mail address is One other Training Architect that might reach out is Will Boyd. He has done several of our DevOps courses. Best regards - John

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