Hello All,

I am sure this is completely a user error problem:)  I, however, can't seem to locate the Linux Academy Lab Servers. The webpage looks different in the instruction "How to Use the Linux Academy Lab Servers" than my webpage.  I looked under "Hands-on Labs", but I didn't find anything simliar.  Any suggests?
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    Terrence C


    At the top, you will see either 'Cloud Servers' or, if you opted in (which it does not sound like you did), 'Cloud Playground'.

    Cloud Playground is the next iteration of our cloud servers (those servers we provide for you to follow along our demos with) and I recommend you opt into it if you have not already (top of the pop-up when you select Cloud Servers).

    You will have 9 'units' you can use to spin up various distributions with various resources depending on how you allocate your units. Have a look and let us know if you have any questions.

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    Fantastic.  I found it. Thank you Terrence!

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