Practitioner exam

Any suggestions or advice please?
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    Thomas H

     @airfish01 Take the courses, read the suggested white papers, memorize all the instructor note cards, and make sure you can pass all the quizzes/final exam in the course. 

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    Phil Z

    Make sure you really know the global infrastructure and shared responsibility models. Those made up a large portion of the test, and the rest was basically names of different services. If you are comfortable with all the material in our course and can pass the final exam, you'll be in good shape! And as Tom said, be sure to read the whitepapers.

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    Mohammad A

    I Just Passed the Exam, you've to read carefully the WHITE PAPERS , several questions came out from the white papers, this course is great to understand the concept of AWS but relaying only on the materials in the course won't help toy to pass.

    many questions came out from the white papers were not covered here, such as AWS EMR, AWS Athena, AWS BI ... etc.

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    Omar R

    Thank God, passed the practitioner exam 01/11/2019,

    White papers should be read thoroughly to pass this test.
    Thanks everyone and now moving onto the next test......

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