Have a Question on "Docker stack deploy" Module video?

Hi Terrence,

After you have created a Dockerfile and deployed a testweb container  on tcox1, you were accessing the website from tcox4 ?

Since this was  an container on tcox1 , how did it work from tcox4 ?

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    Terrence C

    When you deploy the replica of a server in Docker Swarm, ALL nodes registered within the cluster will be able to see services running on the swarm using the Docker overlay network. The manager handles basic load balancing chores as well if there is more than one replica running on more than one node.

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    Anvesh M

    please correct me if i  am wrong.

    As per  my understanding when a docker service of  httpd  deployed on swarm cluster , so website will  be accessed from all the swarm nodes in the cluster ?

    Does the  httpd container will also be accessed from all the node ?

    On my previous post i was referring to a container deployed using below command on the video , was accessed by other node ?
    it doesn't have replicas or service ?

    $ docker run -d --name mytestweb -p 80:80 myhttpd:v1

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