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Is there a way to NEVER get prompted each time to use the scheduler and just bookmakr the course as you can with quick training and labs? The scheduler is more than I expect most need. I just want a clean and simple dashboard. Thx
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    Chad C

    Great question! You can remove the schedule entirely by clicking on "manage course schedules" from the home page, select the course, then select "manage this schedule" and choose "Delete this Course Schedule".  You will then no longer receive the reminders for your schedule!

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    I do not want the prompts - ever.  Hence the caps in my original post. ;) They take up too much space and show up each and every time I go to that page. It would be great to remove the training wheels option and have a more clean interface.  

    I just want a way to bookmark the courses like with quick training and labs. Its possible I am missing it but the website is so busy its hard to tell. 


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