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Hi Myles/Anthony/Team,

Myles has specifically used 6.2.4 version of elasticsearch even though the newer version had released and I have no problem with that because the course is awesome.

But when I look at the exam for elastic certified engineer, it clearly says it will be on 6.5, honestly i am using 6.4 already and there is a big difference in configuration as the x-pack already comes as part of the 6.4 and 6.5 version, plus the APM section is missing, yes elastic has also added the APM section in their stack. Hence would request you to check again and let me know whether this course should be fine for clearing the certification as the outdated version might cause an issue due to different configuration, also since its a hands on test , i want to be certain about it. If possible would request to refresh the course on the latest version.


Darshan Hegde
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    Terrence C

    The course was built before it was updated to the new version. We will be making some adjustments to the course but are working on scoping out what those changes need to be. I will ask Myles to respond to the remainder of your question, just wanted to let you know.

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    Myles Y

    The initial release of the exam was on 6.2.4 which was also the version I took. Since then they have indeed changed the exam to use 6.5 but no new objectives have been added which means there are no objectives on any of the new features added since 6.2.4. Furthermore, the only difference introduced by this change is that you will not need to explicitly install X-Pack as it is pre-packaged ever since 6.3 when it was made open-source. The configuration of X-Pack Security in this course is still accurate with 6.5 of Elasticsearch.

    Thanks for reaching out and your kind words about the course. Good luck with the rest of your studies!

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