Client certificates

Hello WIll,

As part of the certificate generation, we have created the below list of certificates.

Admin certificate,Kubelet Client certificates, Controller Manager Client certificate,Kube Proxy Client certificate and Kube Scheduler Client Certificate.

My question is, Why we have copied only Kubelet client certificates to the worker nodes? What about the remaining?



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    Will B

    The worker nodes will use the client certificates in later lessons. When you go to set up kubelet on the workers, each kubelet will need those cert files. The kubelets will use those certs to authenticate with the Kubernetes API. Similarly, the other files will be needed on the controllers, mostly to authenticate various components with the API, but there are also certs for the API server itself as well as one that is used to sign service account tokens.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or need any additional clarification!

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