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I'm a little confused about the structure of this course here at LA.. If the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam is peformance based, shouldn't there be more hands-on labs in this course? 

For example:
The course videos  cover the every topic on the LFCS exam, but there are not as many hands on labs.

 In  "Operation of Running Systems" section, there are only 2 labs compared to 14+ videos in this session. Or are the labs combining all things learned in the videos into only 2 labs? 

There is a video on Scripting conditionals and loops, but no labs or exercises to implement what I have just seen in the video .

How do I approach this course hands on? Am i instructed to fire up a LA cloud server to every video?
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    Sean G

    You're meant to use the cloud/playground servers to follow along, yes. Many of the Linux specific courses have a stronger emphasis on the cloud/playground servers than learning activities. 

    You have more control and your changes persist with the playground servers vs learning activities which are specific scenarios that reset every time you start them. Many of the Linux courses build on the work you do early in the course as you go through the later lessons so the cloud/playground servers are ideal for that type of learning.

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    Anthony J

    Yeah, everything you do in the course, if you start watching the vidoes, is literally hands-on using the cloud servers/playground. The entire course is performance based for you!

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    Ousmane H

    Ok thank you Anthony and Sean for the  detailedclarification. Now I know how to better approach this course.  Much appreciated !  Kudos!

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