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Hi friends,

1.) when I want to share a learning activity on linkedin I get a popup window asking for Certificate Name, Licence Number and a lot more information. Please see screenshot. Note that "Linux Academy" wasn't prefilled, I already selected that before I gave up. 

2.) Question: I've clicked around for a while on LA but I'm unable to find the page with "my badges" again. I know it's there, I was there one time. I really like the badges and would like to share them myself, not only via the "Share activity" function described above but in a more controlled fashion. That said, what's the copyright with these, am I allowed to just grab them and share them on my own website, twitter etc.? 

Happy New Year! :)

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    Chad C

    Hello AR! Thanks for that feedback! We will look into the functionality of that button specifically.  In the meantime, if you'd like to share the learning activity, copy and paste the URL from your browser window.  

    Your badges will be on your profile page, located here:

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    Manuel G

    Thanks, Chad. But I cannot find the badges on the URL you provided. I got 4 tabs there; "Contributions", "Cloud Credentials", "Timeline" and "Connections". Below "Cloud Credentials" I can find my Certificates of Completion but not my Badges. 

    Please also give some feedback on the other questions, what am I supposed to enter on the LinkedIn form, and what about copyright with the Badges, it is ok to grab & share on my website? 

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