steps for preliminary steps:RBAC Demo

Hello please could you share steps/commands for "preliminary steps:RBAC Demo" ?

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    Joseph L

    You'll find the preliminary step I took in the lesson discussed starting at 3:10. Here they are in a list format:

    1. Created cluster: rbac-testing-cluster-1

    2. Deployed app to cluster

    3. Created alias for admin account: a-kubectl

    4. Created 2 namespaces: ns-1 and ns-2

    5. Created 2 service accounts with aliases: 1-kubectl and 2-kubectl

    6. Added Kubernetes Engine Admin role to my account

    7. Authorized access to cluster with get-credentials

    Hope this helps! Happy New Year and let me know if you have any further questions.

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    Chris W

    Hi Joseph, can you provide details how to set up the alias's and use these in kubectl? Thanks

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