AWS Security Specialty Exam

Hi, I would like to provide some feedback on AWS Security Speciality Exam course, overall the course is well explained but today when I took the test found couple of topics that needs to be updated in the course--

  1. AWS Macie
  2. AWS SES
  3. AWS Guard Duty
  4. Amazon Glacier Valut lock
  5. AWS Secrets Manager
  6. Security for ALB.
All of these topics were in the exam. 
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    Ermin K

    Thank you so much for the feedback, it means a world to us. Our content team will take a look at it.

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    Ramachandran S

    Hi, I would like to add  1) Amazon Athena 2) KMS Grants example to be above list...Thanks...

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    Adrian C

    Thanks Shekhar - a few of the topics you mention i had confirmed when i was at reinvent by other students. I'm already working on lessons on Guard Duty, Secrets and Glacier. I'll look at the others.

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    Adrian C

    and thanks also Ramachandran

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