Duplicate question found from Google Practice Exam

I noticed there were many duplicate questions found from Google  practice exams which is somewhat disappointing since I was hoping for new/more insights.  Have exam scheduled tomorrow and will need lots of prayers and luck based on feedback from community. Thanks Matt for the lessons.
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    Joseph L

    I thought I'd jump in while Matt's away on vacation. Yes, Matt did incorporate questions from Google's official practice exam in the course exam, as stated up front in the exam description. We have a refresh on the course planned for the next quarter. In the meantime, you might want to review this Google doc, a compilation of changes to the exam that other exam takers have reported so far. 

    Plus you have all the good luck vibes coming to you from all of us at Linux Academy! I'm sure you'll do great! 

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    M D

    Thanks Joseph and much appreciated.

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    Ben S

    how'd it go? can you DM me? or shoot an email

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    M D


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