Azure Certification Course AZ-300,A-301 ,AZ-302

Hi ,

As Microsoft launched these Exams quite some time back , any tentative date by when we will have training material ready for 

AZ-300,A-301 ,AZ-302. 

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    James L

    Hi Ashok,

    We will be releasing content for AZ-300 early in the new year. AZ-301 will be produced immediately thereafter.

    We'll also be releasing AZ-100 and AZ-200 at the start of 2019, so you will have content to cover implementing and developing Azure solutions, which is a key requirement for AZ-300.

    AZ-302 was originally due to expire in March 2019, so there was very little time to produce any content. Microsoft have since extended this to June 2019, but given they still plan to expire the exam soon, we'll instead be focusing on producing great content for you, for the range of other Microsoft exams that have been released.

    I hope this answers your question! We're looking forward to helping you get your Microsoft certs!


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    Ashok V

    Thanks James . Looking forward for the AZ-300 and 301 .  is there any prerequiste for this to complete AZ-100 and AZ-200 for the exam ? 

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    Rama Krishna B

    Hi James, I have the same question, Are there any prerequisite certifications for AZ-300?


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