Using iso to create FTP network install for KVM

I created an FTP server. I did not touch vsftpd.conf or make any changes to anonymous_users. I used mounted the CentOS iso to /dev/sr0 and used
cp -a /media/. /var/ftp/pub/inst
to copy to the FTP base.
Virt-manager does not see this as a valid install.  Do I need to use a different command to transfer the entire iso for a KVM install or download an iso besides the one that is mounted?

Of is this a just requiring a kickstart file to the FTP server and that is how KVM will install its VMs.

EDIT: this may be irrelevant to LA since its nested virtualization off VMWare.Thanks
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    Rob M

    Which CentOS iso did you download? There's a few of them and at least one won't work with what you're trying to do. I know the Minimal iso will work.

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    Tariq A

    The DVD iso.   

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