when deploying the application, i get a server error.

here is the link for my music gallery app that i deployed. I get a server error: https://la-music-gallery-001-226108.appspot.com. I don't know if I missed a step somewhere! 

I get this error on Compute Engine - ValueError: virtualenv: cannot access lib: No such virtualenv or site directory

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    Joseph L

    I'm seeing the deployed app at the URL you posted, so it sounds like the issue is just in your local development environment. Did you set up VirtualEnv for your OS as outlined in the course? I've had several people miss that step - I think because of the way the information is structured. Also, you need to make sure that you activate virtualenv for every project prior to deploying. I've forgotten that a couple of times myself. 

    Hope this helps. If you followed all these steps, let me know and we'll try further to track down the issue.

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