"Learning Vagrant" course errata

I've noticed what I think are a few errata (errors) in the "Learning Vagrant" course. I'm not an expert and maybe I missing something so I wanted to see if anyone else agrees....

1. On the video "Creating Your Own Boxes" at 4:00 the instructor says to disable 'requiretty' when configuring sudo. The assumption is that you will use the 'visudo' command as root to edit the sudoers file. But in the slide that is being shown in that video (also in slide #75 in the downloadable PDF) at this time it reads: "In ssh config be sure to also disable requiretty". But it should say "In the sudoers file be sure to also disable requiretty". Also it would be helpful to actually show the syntax to be used in the sudoers file and to point out that visudo should be used instead of directly edediting the sudoers file. The syntax for the sudoers file should be as follows

Defaults:vagrant   !requiretty

2. On the video "Creating Your Own Boxes" at 4:50 the instructor says to mount "/dev/cdrom" on "/media" and then says to access it by going to /media/cdrom. The access path is wrong because you have neither created the "/media/cdrom" directory nor mounted "/dev/cdrom" on "/media/cdrom". He should have just said to access the contents of the cdrom by going to "/media"

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    Michael M


    Thank you for the feedback on the course. We will take a look and see if there are improvements that need to be made to the content of that course.

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