Planning to take Azure Az-900 certification. It launches on 12/31/2018. Looking for training material. Please help.
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    Jason C

    We are currently making courses for the new AZ-100/200/300 exams, which will be released early next year.

    Then, we'll immediately start the AZ-101/201/301 courses.

    We hope to see you in the new Azure courses when they're out!

    I don't think that we currently have any courses planned for AZ900 just yet. We love hearing ideas from the community though. Make your suggestion and others can show their interest in it:

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    Chad C

    The AZ-900 exam will be Azure Fundamentals.  The exam objectives includes understanding cloud concepts and Azure Services. Our course "Azure Concepts" covers cloud concepts as it relates to Azure services.  This course is located here:

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    Dan A

    Please vote :

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