Couse quality "Nagios Certified Professional"

This course (unlike others) has been a struggle to get through with all of the "We'll get to that later" concepts not explained until after used, the lack of editing of the lectures where the instructor is repeating himself and video was not edited, And now that I am on the "Templates" lecture when we try the "fairly radical" task of replacing our original objects directory (what we have been building on) with a downloaded .gz file from the course downloads. This file "objects-tar_1487129646.gz" that I have downloaded via wget to my linux labserver does not appear to be a valid gzip file and I can not uncompress it to replace my objects folder with this new one to continue with the course:

[root@jparrish77131 etc]# gunzip objects-tar_1487129646.gz

gzip: objects-tar_1487129646.gz: not in gzip format

[root@jparrish77131 etc]# file objects-tar_1487129646.gz

objects-tar_1487129646.gz: HTML document, ASCII text, with very long lines

Can someone please review this course as a whole but more importantly I am stuck at the "Templates" lecture not able to extract the .tar file from the downloaded course notes. I don't think the file that is there now is the same file the lecture references. Please advise since I am not at a stand still with this course.

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    Jason P

    I figured out what I was doing wrong with the wget and got it scp'ed over to my lab server. The file name is not the same and has the .tar extension omited which was confusing but I finally got it uncompressed and untared in my  /opt/nagios/etc directory correctly to replace my original worked on objects.

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    Keith T

    Hi Jason,

    I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue that had you blocked. Thanks for the feedback, we really take this stuff into consideration and will be actively working on bringing past courses up to the content standards that we've set for recent content and new content moving forward. This will take time, but feedback like this helps.

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    Ermin K


    Thank you for your honesty, and thank you for putting in the time and effort to write a constructive feedback. It means a great deal to us and we value it. That being said, as Keith mentioned in his reply we are working on implementing new standards to all of our courses but that will take some time.

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