Hey Team,  I have little confusion regarding the next certification path, I work on Openshift and AWS + Ansible on a Daily basis and I thought of achieving my next AWS and CKA cert path, so for this what could be the best possible preparation strategy? Should I focus on one complete cert path and achieve that and then move on with the next or parallelly plan for both and appear for the cert exams? Please suggest.
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    Chad C

    Hello directedsoul! I recommend focusing on one certification path and achieve that.  Start with the AWS Certified Solutions Associate here: https://linuxacademy.com/cp/modules/view/id/228

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    Directedsoul A

    Hi Chad, Thanks for the suggestion, I already completed AWS-SA, RHCSA, and RHCE, that's the reason I'm asking a clear focussed approach to my above work environment supporting scenario, Thanks

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