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Does anyone know, if the exam forces you to use certain tools?  I feel like I have the hang of tar, bzip2 and gzip.. But I find Star a bit more confusing and have a hard time to grasp the syntax. 
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    Stosh O

    The Red Hat tests do a fairly good job of letting you decide the solution.  Most of the tasks are more about achieving a certain end state and now so much with how you get there.  I think if you have a good understanding of tar and gzip you are in good shape for any kind of archive related tasks.



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    Sean G

    As Stosh said, Red Hat exams are more focused on getting the job done and not what tools you use. Think of them as results focused, they care that you accomplish the tasks given and things persist after a reboot, not necessarily how it was done. There may be some tasks or cases that specify a particular method of getting something done however so pay attention to the task wording just in case.

    For tar vs star, I don't think you'll run into anything that specific.

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