AWS SysOps NEW practice exam got 50% only

I have given 'AWS SysOps NEW Practice exam ' two days back and got just 50%. Here is category wise percentage and please help me out improving areas as 'HA domain' is trickey now in new exam pattern compared to old. Plan to give another practice exam in one week and based on that I will give final exam by end of this month.
Overall Score: 50%

Topic Level Scoring:
1.0 Monitoring and Reporting: 60%
2.0 High Availability: 0%
3.0 Deployment and Provisioning: 50%
4.0 Storage and Data Management: 0%
5.0 Security and Compliance: 50%
6.0 Networking: 66%
7.0 Automation and Optimization: 100%
Thanks in advance.
Kiran Teki
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    Phil Z

    Hey Kiran, have you tried the hands on Learning Activities in our SysOps course? We have a few of them that specifically focus on the High Availability domain as well as Data Management. I've found that going through the console and completing some tasks yourself has really helped me cement those concepts. Aside from that, make sure you're reading the relevant AWS whitepapers. Now that you know what to expect, I'm sure you'll see that score improve with some hard work!

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