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What is the difference between the AWS Essentials - New course and the Cloud Essentilas course ? Which one will be used as pre requisite for further AWS certifications ?
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    Tia W

    Hello  @satarawp   If you plan on pursuing AWS certifications you will want to take the AWS Essentials - New course.  It provides the foundational information you need.  

    Here is a potential learning path that you can follow:

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    Pesi S

    Hello Tia, thank you for the information. So if I do the AWS Essentials-New course then I can skip the Cloud Essentials ?  I had 1 more question. I manage the database team and as we begin our early stages of evalauting on moving to the cloud I would like to focus more indepth on the Database Migration courses or certifications. Is there anything specifice which focusses on databases considering that is my area where i will need the most knowledge and expertise

    Thank you for your help

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