Course NOT enough to pass exam

If you are taking this course it is not enough to pass the exam. I took the exam a wk ago and failed because there were things in the exam not covered in the course. I decided to continue on with my plan to study for the AWS Solution Archtitect exam. So far I have gone through the AWS Concepts course and in the middle of AWS Essentials course. The information not covered in this course is in the AWS Essentials course. I recommend doing this course and the AWS Essentials course prior to taking this exam. Hope this helps furture students trying to take this exam. 

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    Adrian C

    HI William - thanks for the feedback. We've had reports from students who have taken the exam at reinvent that it's been changed (made more difficult). We're in the process of evaluating this now and will make updates as required.

    Thanks for the heads-up.


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    Lyneace W

    Thank you for that information.  I think that's vital info.

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    Any news on this? Im happy to study externally but what do you think is missing?


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