DevOps Engineer Professional practice exam

I did the Linux Academy practice exam for DevOps Engineer Professional last week and got 87%, so I was feeling pretty confident. 

I've just paid for the official Amazon practice exam and got 30% for it. There were large parts of it where I'm confident none of the training covered the areas being tested. 

In the past the training material has stood me in good stead for the exams but I'm really not confident about this one... anyone had recent experience with the training vs the real exam?
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    Adrian C

    Hi Owen. The AWS practice exams are, and have always been REALLY badly worded, and unless something has happened recently they haven't been updated since the exams were created. When i originally did my SA pro and Devops Pro i remember getting 60-something in both exams, and i passed the real things easily.

    I generally advise that people stay clear of the AWS practice tests for both PRO levels.


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    Ermin K

    Well done.  I ll second what Adrian stated in regard to wording.

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