Internet Gateway

As VPC can have only one IG, what happens if IG fails and becomes unavailable or slows down due to bandwidth congestion, how the high availability and fault tolerant are taken care of?
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    Adrian C

    The IG is highly available by design, you don't have to worry about it, it's a logical device that is handled by multiple physical networking devices - you don't have visability of them and you dont need it.

    The same is true for scaling - it handles whatever traffic you need, you dont have to control performance - it just handles it.


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    Phil Z

    As Adrian said, the IGW "just works." To expand on this a bit, we know that it will handle whatever traffic it receives because it falls under the AWS global infrastructure section of the shared responsibility model. So as an AWS customer, you can rely on Amazon to handle this service for you. For more information:

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