AWS exam syllabus changed in November 2018

AWS exam syllabus is changed and it becomes more difficult to pass the exam, will this material provided by Linux academy is sufficient?
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    Tia W

    Hello  @anandkrishna ! Thanks for reaching out! Here's a note from Fernando (the course author, who also forgot to bring his computer to a company meeting today and Tia graciously allowed him to borrow it):
    We've done our best to update this course as the exam has evolved. Students have still been reporting to us the course material looks like it is in line with the exam. We've also updated our practice exam questions to line up with the changes that were made to the exam. I'm confident the course is the best course out there right now to help prepare you for the AWS Certified Developer Associate Level Exam.

    The only additional feedback I can provide is that there occasionally seems to be a little material on Kinesis that you may wish to be familiar with. I'll be working on adding that into the course soon, but if you'd like some info on that you can check the Kinesis Streams FAQ here -

    Or you can take the Kinesis Section in the AWS Big Data Exam (but that might be overkill!). 

    - Fernando

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