Need Help in CKA course structure

Hello Community,

I need your support in one point regarding CKA training course , I noticed that in the Kubernetes core section , the instructor jump directly in deep technical stuff which is not clarified part of the previous videos , I mean precisly the following three exercises :

Run a Job
Deploy a pod 
Core Concepts

which I couldn't solve it surely or even figure out what it was talking about.
did anyone face the same problem ? 
is there any complementary materials I should go through to understand these concepts ?

does it require any specific prerequisites , do you recommend any simpler course to start with ?

P.S: I already completed  Containers and Orchestration course here in LA

Thanks alot,
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    Chad C

    Hey Ahmed! Check out this course that will go through the fundamental knowledge needed to run a job, deploy a pod and core concepts.

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