Certification(s) required for an AWS DevOps Professional

Can I have suggestions on the most valued Certifications Required for AWS Devops Professionals
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    Shyam R

    I would suggest you can start with sysops (if you havent completed it) and then you can start with Devops certification

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    Fernando M

    Hi Gerard! There are a few certifications that really get at DevOps skills on AWS. 

    The first place to start would be with the Associate Level AWS Certifications. Specifically, the AWS SysOps Administrator and the AWS Developer certifications are great places to start. You can also check out the AWS DevOps Professional Certification itself. 

    Do you already have certifications and are looking for what to do next or are you hoping to start getting certified now?

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    Gerard J

    Hi Fernando. I'm  planning to get certified as I have the basic skills of DevOps and AWS.

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