CNI Networking. pod-cidr equivalent in LA labs.


I'm following the course but trying to install Kubernetes 1.12 on the Linux Academy lab servers, adapting the commands from the original "kubernetes the hard way".

On the CNI networking section ( it is necessary to obtain a pod-cidr value from the servers in order to confgure the bridge. What is the equivalent in the lab servers?

I hope you will be able to help me with this.

Thank you for the great course.
Best regards.
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    Will B

    You don't need a pod cidr to do it the way our Kubernetes the Hard Way courses does it using the Linux Academy servers. Basically, in Kelsey Hightower's guide, he creates network routes based on cidr ranges on the Google Cloud platform. Since we don't have a way for you to create those routes at a higher level outside the servers, we do it a different way. We just use WeaveNet and kube-proxy to handle all of the routing and provisioning of IP addresses. WeaveNet does not need any manually-configured pod cidr.

    The equivalent is just to set up networking with WeaveNet the way our Kubernetes the Hard Way videos show. Just follow the "Networking" section from Kubernetes the Hard Way.

    I hope that answers your question. Let me know if you need any further guidance!

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    Francisco V

    Thank you Will. I will continue with the course and let you know if I have more doubts.

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