[GCPError while executing describe-from-family through cloudshell

Hi when i am trying to use the below command it is showing this error, i tried to do the same from console and i am able to fetch the images with famity centos-7, can any one help me in this

gcloud compute images describe-from-family centos-7

ERROR: (gcloud.compute.images.describe-from-family) Could not fetch resource:

- The resource 'projects/gcp-associate-218205/global/images/family/centos-7' was not found

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    Matthew U

    With the command as you have listed, it is looking up a centos-7 image from within your project. If you are using the public centos-7 image, this command will not work. I do not believe you can do a describe-from-family command on public images, only on images in projects that you have access to.

    To test it out further, if you take a centos-7 image and save it as a custom image from within your project, you can then run the command against your custom image name and it should then work.

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