HTTP issue with playground


I am using the playground server to train for my RHCSA, but for some reason whenever I install the httpd service, start it and try to connect via firefox or chrome I do not get the apache webpage. When I use elink from another server I do get it.

I have spent 2 days on this subject, recreating many servers and following the videos step by step, and honestly I am just lost.

Could you please help?

Thank you

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    Sean G

    Check to see if you have firewalld installed, it might be blocking port 80 on the public network. Also make sure you're using the public IP and/or hostname when testing. The hostname is [username][servernumber] for the playground servers. Remember to include the c there as it's not the same as the cloud servers.

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    Mohamed B

    I tried to play around with firewalld. I was sure port 80/tcp was allowed in my zone. Everything was fine with that. I was just using the incorrect IP I guess, because it works with the public IP.
    Thank you so much!

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