OpenShift 3.9 Update?

Hi  @trilliams , 
thank you so much for creating the current OpenShift course. 
I've got two questions about the plans from LA around OpenShift:
  • RedHat updated[1] their exam so it's based on OCP 3.9. Are there any plans to update your course too?  
  • Plus, in a comment [2] you mentioned that there are plans to release a course for the EX288 (OpenShift Application Development exam). Is such a course still in the pipeline? 
Best wishes,

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    Treva W

    Howdy Niiku,

    Thanks for reaching out, & thanks for taking my course! I'm glad you enjoyed it! As of right now an update for the ex280 prep course is not on the schedule, but as there have been several student requests for an update, leadership will begin discussions on adding it to the assignment list. 

    There currently aren't any solid plans for releasing an ex288 course, but if you'd like to see it added, please request it on the Linux Academy Aha! site. 

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    Nikolas P

    Hey  @trilliams  ,

    thanks for the quick reply and for the status update. There's already an idea on for the EX288:

    And I just created one for the update of the EX280 prep course:

    Hope it will get upvoted enough to get planned ;-)

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