New course also Good compare to Old one with Lab examples.

I have gone through with both Courses Old and new, somehow i feel in new course labs are good. The good thing i like for every service we can see the practical experince with the latest AWS UI and the new DataDispatch diagram also good.  Jupyter 
exercise is new interactive feature which i see first time in the lab exercise courses.
However, i agree few of the slides goes blury and i feel it's because of my internet speed but seems like others also facing the same problem. Please improve this quality if in the  next updates. 
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    Sean G

    You can manually set the video quality if you don't want it to choose the lower one based on network speed. That may cause it to take a little longer to load, but it will prevent it from looking blurry.

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    Ermin K

    Try setting the video quality higher manually and then give it time to buffer, if your internet connection is slow, this should help.

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