Reference(s) about Fundamentals in Containers

Hi  @ellmarquez ,

I was going through the essential containers course. Could you share more reference(s) about cgroups, namespaces and all allied fundamentals for containers which cover in depth. 



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    John M

    Mangesh, Elle may have something different for you, but the article is not a bad read on this. Docker evolved from the core cgroups and namespaces that have existed in the kernel for years. Also, the new CRI-O container format being promoted by the Open Container Foundation, may be of interest. Best regards -John

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    Ell M

    HI Mangesh! I know we . have already talked on slack about this but thought I would put the information I shared with you here as well so that it can be available to others.

    This is one of my favorite post by Julia:
    My conference talk on containers:

    and my favorite Docker Captain teaching us a little bit more on the subject:

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