OpenStack Packstack Installation Error on VirtualBox Hypervisor

Hi Team,

I was following lessons in OpenStack essential coursework until Packstack installation on Virtualbox. I'm using Virtualbox 5.2 version with Centos 7.x and OpenStack Rocky for installation.

Using answers.txt file configuration for installation and it goes well until Puppet error occurs in the end. Unable to successfully install OpenStack as of now.user_332644_5bfa318277679.JPG

Pls, help to resolve. Thanks.

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    Amy M

    Can you cut and paste the relevant sections in the 2 log files that are mentioned in the error?

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    Atul D

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks. I managed to deploy OpenStack on Centos 7.5 finally, but I followed instruction from Packstack page. It's quite straightforward (directly on Laptop and now Virtualbox). 

    I'm going to try to deploy OpenStack now with VirtualBox on Centos and will get back to you. 


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