New Azure AZ-100 and AZ-300 exams

I am heading for one of the new Azure exams AZ-100 or AZ-300 - will there my new courses on LX Academy for preparation or is the existing 70-533 a good preparation for one of these exams?

Kind regards
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    Jason C

    Hi Stephan,
    We will be putting out courses for the Azure AZ100, 200, and 300 courses toward the beginning of the year.  They are a little different than the previous tests, but feel free to start with the 70-* tests if you'd like to begin now.

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    M G

    how about AZ-400?

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    Jason C

    AZ400 will also be forthcoming by end of Q2.

    We have a blog post out to fully document all these changes and where they are on our roadmap:

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