aws dev assoc 2018: ec2 storage basics video

the video says general purpose SSD can go from 1gib to 16tib
however when,  in my personal aws account, I 
create an ec2 instance I cannot have a root volume less than 8gib.     
I know in the old days I could build out a linux/minux/free bsd sytems with less than a gig of drive space.  
  1. has  anyone said why I cannot provision a root volume less than 8g?  (I just asssume they ran into too many errors)
  2.  for added store volumes.  I think i tried less than 8gib and failed.

in the good old minux days, I could build a ram disk.  I am not finding a way of adding ram hosted filesystem to T2 large or larger.  Does AWS isntances support ram based filesystems within T2?
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    Michael M


    The spec that is given is from the AWS documentation located here.
    The root device limitation comes from the backing AMI, once the root volume is allocated it cannot be decreased in size. You should be able to add volumes of less than 8Gib in size. 
    As to the Ram based file systems within a T2 I do not think that this is possible. 

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