What are your study habits like? How do you study?

Hello everyone,

I'm currently studying for my RHCSA cert. My current study method is to take notes, while practicing the examples in the videos using the cloud servers. I find this to be extremely slow, since I have to constantly pause the videos. I'm looking for ways to optimize the learning process. What are some study strategies that work for you?

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    Sean G

    I watch the videos and follow along, then do all the hands-on labs. I'm not very good at taking notes (but I'm trying to get better) so I focus mostly on the hands-on part because that keeps my attention and helps me focus.

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    Elle K

    I find it depends on the person! I'm a note-person – I love notes! So I'll watch the video and take notes/record the steps taken in the video; since I'm not completing the steps live, I have to pause less. Then, I use my notes to complete the tasks covered in the video – if I struggle from that than I know I'm missing some concept from the video and will take a look again.

    You might also find working like Sean works better – and if you want to incorporate notes, you can always follow along with the videos, then take two to five minutes after the video (or more! or less!) to write your notes or summarize what you just learned. It doesn't have to be concurrent process.

    Or maybe you just need to look at how you take notes. Do you write in sentences or just highlight key features? I have a problem where sometimes I overwrite my notes – I'll write a sentence where a couple of bullet points can suffice, so if I wanted to speed up, I'd focus on fixing that habit.

    I would suggest trying some different methods, personally, to see what works for you. Spend a learning session or two trying one style, keep what works and change what doesn't in the next study session. There's no one right way to study and trial-and-error can be the best way to find out what unique combination of practices helps you.

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    Ermin K

    I generally play the videos at 2x speed.

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