Am I ready for the real exam ?

I'm trying to guage my readiness to take the real exam.

Obviously using - I was able to complete the test exam on LA in just over 1.5 hrs - my success rate based on the example answers is pretty good.

I guess my main question, is this test exam a good representation of what a real exam might look like and how long a real exam might take ?

Thanks for your thoughts ...

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    Will B

    It is a pretty good representation, but it won't match the real exam 100%. The biggest thing is to be familiar with where to find stuff in the Kubernetes docs. Since the exam is open documentation, if you know where to find stuff you will be able to find info on anything you don't have memorized. It's a good idea to look through the exam objectives and see if you can find the relevant info in the docs for each one. That way you'll have some basic familiarity.

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