New Linux, Containers, Cloud and DevOps training content!

Thanks for following along as we launched so much new content this month! Here is what we launched today:

Essential Container Concepts

Linux Networking and Troubleshooting

Mastering Regular Expressions

YAML Essentials

Elastic Certified Engineer

Beginner’s Guide to Containers and Orchestration

DevSecOps Essentials

CompTIA Security+ Certification Prep

Certified Jenkins Engineer (2018) (launching Monday)

Learn Docker by Doing

Scale Your Code: Kubernetes co-founder on the container revolution and the future of VMs

Thanks for joining us during our live shows and spreading the news! Stay tuned for more NEW content in January! :) 

  • post-author-pic
    Terrence C

    Oh my!

  • post-author-pic
    Victor C

    Thanks, Olivia!  I specifically like the Scale Your Code chat. 

    Any plans for the following:

    1. Update to Ansible course with newer Ansible version
    2. Update to LXC/LXD Deep Dive with newer version
    3. Kubernetes Cluster Federation - The Hard Way 
    4. Quick guides to Istio, Prometheus, Grafana, Travis, Bamboo
    5. In-depth course of Gradle

  • post-author-pic
    Ermin K

    That looks like a lot.

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