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Juat took the quiz foir that section.  I believe the answer key in incorrect to question "7.  After creating an Azure Recovery Vault you would like to start backing up On-premise servers what is the Second step of the process, according to the Prepare Infrastructure Walkthrough?"   Even the answer says "the second step is downloading the Rec Serv. Agent, but the answer key says download the hcredentials.  Am I not seeing something?  Thanks

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    Jason C

    Hi Stu,

    The correct steps are to 
         - download the Recovery Services Agent (but don't install)
         - download the vault credentials
         - install the agent (which will ask for the downloaded vault creds)

    This doc from Microsoft shows the steps:

    Notice the part that says:

    "You don't need to install the agent yet. You can install the agent after you have downloaded the vault credentials."

    We will work to get the answer key updated to reflect the correct answer.

    Thanks for mentioning this!

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    Chad C

    Hey Stu, Good catch! Thanks for making us aware!  We have re-worded the question a little bit to prevent further confusion.  The first step is downloading the recovery services agent and then the second step is downloading the credentials. 

    Good luck with the exam Stu!

    Please let us know how it goes! 

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