RDS individual backups

that was nice tutorial in CSA-professional.  As far as I learned automated snapshots by RDS is a good backup solution. Generally real time scenario would be backing up of individual database right.
I have seen documentation on Native backups and restore.
What would be the real time scenario to automate backups in rds_backup and rds_snapshot every night?[powershell or python]
Can anyone share some scripts to automate individual databases?

Hope this will help few other students as well

Thanks you,
Sai Prakash
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    Broadus P

    While I think both can be used, Python is probably the go to right now but I believe Powershell is catching up in the AWS environment.

    Here is a course on Python Scripting you can look at that may help you come up with some scripts to do what you need to do:  


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