Any tips on AWS Cloud Practitioner exam ?

Any tips on AWS Cloud Practitioner exam ? Has any one recently gave this test ? How beneficial is this exam ? will there be jobs on this?

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    Tia W

    Hi  @sharan929 ,  The Cloud Practitioner exam is an entry-level exam.  It helps you establish a base knowledge of AWS.  The certification is often helpful to people in jobs where they need an understanding of AWS but may not necessarily work in a hands-on technical role.  If you are pursuing a technical role, my suggestion would be to continue your studies and take the Solutions Architect Associate Certification next.  Every job will be different, but in my opinion, the associate level certifications offer a broader potential for job opportunities.

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    Sharan K

    Thank you so much for your prompt response Tia . I will do as suggested.

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    Chad Q

    The AWS Concepts, AWS Essentials, and Cloud Practitioner courses were good help.  I highly suggest reading whitepapers on AWS Organizations and billing before the exam, as they hit that a lot in my experience.

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