getting issues while installing ceph with ceph-ansible playbook

 @trilliams I need your help urgently. I am installing the ceph cluster with 1 mon and 2 osd nodes using the ansible playbooks. As of now I am using the luminous release and working wth git branch "stable-3.1".
I am getting two strange issues:
1.  Error: unable to lookup group: ceph: (34) numerical result out of range. - It is strange that when ansible playbook creates the ceph user/group then why the system is not able to get that while executing the playbook tasks. This error is encountered with task while creating keyrings. when I am using the user & group as root, it is working but not working with ceh user. Pls suggest.
2. Next it reports an error that "ceph-mon admin socket not found" with the task: "creating admin & bootstrap keys".
3. Even if I execute the above two tasks manually by creating all the keyrings with manula commands, the systemctl start ceph-mon@<mon1>.service does not gets started. It just says that main process exited/FAILED.

Looking forward to your assistance. Thanks!
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    Garima M

    Can someone help please?

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    Treva W

    Hi Garima,

    I apologize for the delayed response. I'm currently in Germany for OpenStack Summit. Before I can give you any suggestions I'll need to know what version of Ceph you're running, as well as any sanitized logs from ceph.log &/or /var/log/messages. 

    To set proper expectations, responses may be slow until I get bac k to the United States, but you can reach out to the Ceph community on IRC for faster response.

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    Garima M

    Thanks @trilliams . I am using luminous and also tried today on mimic but the error is same over there.

     Error: unable to lookup group: ceph: (34) numerical result out of range

    I also created "ceph" user & group explicitly on mons & osd nodes. 

    I got a workaround that when I am manually running the command with using the group as "root" it atleast works BUT i need to know the reason behind the issue that why it is not able to get the things work with the "ceph" user even when I am creating it explicitly.

    Thanks for pointing me to the irc group. Let me try to connect with them too. Have your successfull summit.  

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