Kubernetes Certified Administrator Exam

Hi guys,
i'm about to finish the 'Kubernetes Course by chad miller', and  i'm preparing for the exam, but a lot of posts on the internet say that installing kubernets using  `kubeadm` is not enough and i have to go through the 'Kubernetes the hard way' installation method, so i'm a little bit confused and really appreciate if someone answers my questions:
- will i have to install kubernetes during the exam, and which way will i need ?
- are the course series are enough for passing the exam, or i have to learn from additional sources ?

Sorry if the post is a bit long
thank you in Advance

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    Terrence C

    Although the material in the course is designed for helping you prepare for the exam, we also heard some of the same feedback and have released our own take on 'Kubernetes the Hard Way' which covers those same concepts in our environment. The two courses compliment preparation for the exam very well, have a look here!

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